6 Factors to Consider When Writing a Video Script

Like a movie or commercial, most videos have a script that actors or readers use to help relay the information or point of the video. Video marketing is no different and having a script for your material can aid in making the journey easy for you, your business, your employees, and your audience. Consider the following 6 factors/tips on script writing before you start your next project.

  1. Have an Outline

It’s always a wise decision to have a plan, and script writing is no different. Having an outline of the topics you want to cover, the main points you want to discuss, how long your script or video will be, and what the purpose is are all good things to get down in writing and out of your head. Once it’s laid out in front of you, you can dedicate that much more time to working on your video and creating an actual script.

  1. Don’t Dilly Dally, Lead with a Hook, and End With a CTA

Having a plan can ensure that you don’t just ramble on in your video. Always keep your purpose of the video in mind and refrain from discussing information that isn’t necessary. Within the first 10 seconds let the viewer know at once why it is essential for them to continue watching and how the information is beneficial to them. After your hook, don’t spend more than 15-20 seconds discussing who you are, who your company is, and what your video is for. After discussing what needs to be discussed, always make sure to let the viewer know what the next step is for them and what they can do after watching your video.

  1. Be as Natural as Possible

Although having an outline helps organize your talking points and overall goal, it may not always be a good idea to script everything word-for-word. Focusing too much on a script can add unneeded stress about following the words exactly and can make you appear doubtful, unsure, uncomfortable, and unprofessional. Although this method can work for some, it is always recommended to speak as freely and naturally about the topic as possible. Discussing the information naturally can make you seem more confident, reliable, and trustworthy.

  1. Use Images and Artwork

If you struggle to talk naturally, or perhaps just work better with visuals or want to ensure that viewers know what to expect, inserting images and artwork into your video can limit the amount of screen time spent talking in person. It also gives the viewer another perspective about what it is you are discussing.

  1. Know Your Intended Audience

Just like in the video marketing strategy, it is essential to know what kind of viewers you want to target. Plenty of people can watch your video, but you want to hook the right ones when the time comes. Take some time to review how to create a strategy and what factors will ensure your success. Are you targeting a specific age group? Small businesses or more defined businesses? Employees or managers? These factors can all make a difference when it comes to writing your script and creating a video.

  1. Short, Sweet, and To the Point

It may seem wise to load the video with information but keeping it short and sweet can make sure that viewers don’t get too overwhelmed or bored and stop watching. Keeping the video short allows for other links and content methods to be used. You can discuss the most important points you want and then let the viewer know where else to go to find out more, whether it be links to your own material or links somewhere else.

That is as simple as it gets. Of course, various other factors go into writing a script and can depend on whether you want to read from a complete script or if you are more comfortable speaking naturally, whether you will use artwork or not, how long your video will be, and what other tools and methods you want to use for your video. Keeping these 6 tips in mind can help ease the process. Most importantly, have fun with your video and don’t hesitate to contact us for professional help or advice. Having an outline doesn’t mean it is set in stone and plans and scripts can always change over time. As always, stay tuned for our next blog and we here at BVC look forward to assisting you in your video marketing journey for the new year!