Building Better Relationships with Your Customers and Employees

If you don’t already know, some advantages of video marketing include its ability to increase ROI and reach more customers. It also has the ability to build stronger, more trusting, and deeper connections with customers. Having better relationships with your customers creates more trust between you, them, and even potential clients. Trust is also the most important part of any video marketing strategy because SEO, especially for Google, uses trust to help determine if you show up in the search results for a particular category. The relationship building shouldn’t just stop with your customers though. Keeping your employees feeling trusted, appreciated, and happy is also essential. Read the following 5 tips to help you get started on building better relationships with your customers and employees!

  1. Get Personal

One of the perks of using video marketing is that it gives you more opportunities to build relationships with employees and customers, especially when you begin implementing a social media plan. Using your videos to introduce employees, new products, business backgrounds, live streams, or even footage from business parties or events can help customers feel like they are also part of the business family. This is also a good way for customers to visually express their experience with your business. It makes them feel closer to you and it allows other customers and potential clients to feel closer to the business as well. You can offer certain videos that allow live interaction or feedback and responses so that customers feel that they are connected with you more personally than just leaving a review or email.

  1. Be Open to Feedback

Always be open to criticism. Allow your customers and your employees to let you know when they feel something can be done differently, not just when they are satisfied with an experience. People are likely to express their feelings and thoughts regardless, so being open to hearing them can lessen the tension and limit future problems when there is an issue experienced between employees or customers. Responding to this feedback is also essential. Letting them voice their opinions with no response or idea of how you feel will not make the situation better. Remember it is also important for your employees to understand any concerns or feedback given by customers to further improve your business.

  1. Be Appreciative

Let employees and customers know that you appreciate their effort, dedication and loyalty. Offer customers who have ordered several products discounts or even bonus material for their next purchase. Even simple rewards like branded items with your logo on it are small acts you can do to show your appreciation. For employees, offering parties, special lunches or annual gatherings and discussions can help employees feel appreciated, trusted and respected. Contests and raffles are also a good way to show appreciation amongst your employees and customers.

  1. Keep Them on Their Toes

Everyone has their own expectations of things and customers and employees are no different. As mentioned above, showing appreciation for employees is another way to keep them on their toes and surprise them. Simple things like business parties, special lunches, or even something as simple as a weekly meeting where everyone can discuss their concerns or ideas are good ways to let them know you are always listening and watching. If you keep your employees happy and expecting the unexpected, it will show when it comes time for them to interact with your customers. Always go above and beyond, even if it means delivering a project faster than expected or adding a few extra touches to a product. You can even tell them to expect something weeks ahead knowing that you will have it done sooner.

  1. Communicate

Lastly, for any relationship to work effectively, good communication is a must. This includes not just being straightforward and open with your employees and customers, but listening to them as well. One of the best things you can do for your customers is to let them know that whatever their problem may be, you have the solution. When it comes to your employees, allowing them opportunities to express their own interests, concerns, and ideas lets them know that you are all a team and further strengthens the relationship you have. Make sure to implement a variety of different methods of communication. Rather than just emails, allow blog feedback, personal calling, video calling, or even face-to-face meetings when possible.

So get out there and start making those connections! You don’t have to explain your entire life story or discuss the founding of your business all in one sitting. A relationship between business and client, or business and employee, is one that takes time like any other relationship out there. Taking small steps to help it grow and support it make all the difference. You will feel better and more at ease for it and your customers and employees will too. Use these 5 simple steps to get started and make sure you understand that using a video marketing strategy for your business already gives you an upper hand. Have fun with what you are doing and don’t be afraid to get personal. Let video marketing be your weapon and your guide to further grow and improve your business. Until next time!