Can Small Businesses Really Use Video Marketing Effectively?

At Business Video Consulting, we have dedicated our time and energy to ensuring that you have all the information you could need when it comes to video marketing. Whether it be in regard to the advantages of video marketing, implementing video marketing into your business, video marketing strategy methods, or how to avoid common mistakes, we are constantly striving to make sure you have all the tools needed to make video marketing work for you. However, we think it is important to touch base on another important topic that can sometimes get lost in the discussion of video marketing: Small Businesses. Although we discussed some of the common mistakes found within a video marketing strategy, another common mistake is the belief or idea that small businesses cannot implement video marketing effectively. This common belief is simply not the case though.

Small Business Owners

As a small business owner, you may believe that you can’t afford a video marketing strategy, or that you won’t have access to the proper tools, or that using video marketing won’t be effective with a small customer-base, but these are even more misconceptions! The truth of the matter is that small businesses might gain even more from using a video marketing strategy than more organized and established businesses. It accounts for all the unique and different business needs that are out there and can follow you whether you experience a growth in business or a temporary downfall. So, let’s take a closer look.

Video Marketing Can Adhere to Your Business Needs as You Grow

As a small business your marketing plans may be the complete opposite of a larger, more established business. One of the many advantages of video marketing is that it can adhere to your individual businesses purpose and goals. Whether it be budgeting, time management, or other skills, video marketing is meant to be used alongside your original plans. As your business grows, or hits a bump in the road, your video marketing strategy can always change. Not only is video marketing meant to work alongside you and your business, but the potential benefits of video marketing are just as likely to be experienced whether you have a small business or a more established business. It is all about how you implement the video marketing strategy into your marketing plans!

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Video Marketing Works Alongside You and Your Businesses Needs

As we mentioned above, a video marketing strategy is intended to follow alongside your business plans, goals, and purposes. You may be concerned about your budget, but you only have to spend what you can spare. As your video marketing strategy takes off, it is only a matter of time before you can set aside even more funds for video marketing and even other aspects of your business. As your time availability, skills, experience, and goals change, so can your video marketing strategy. If used properly, video marketing can become another key member of your business. It has several different types of videos that can be used within the strategy (and different types of video for the Awareness, Interest, and Decision stages of the buyer’s journey) and can be achieved through several different methods as well. Whether it be a DIY video marketing strategy (although this isn’t always the best decision) or hiring a professional, the possibilities are endless. You CAN afford a video marketing strategy, what you CAN’T afford is to continue missing out on all the advantages that video marketing can offer you and your business!

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Video Marketing Potential Isn’t Just for More Established Businesses

As a small business, one of your goals is to continue growing your business. Video marketing is the tool you’ve been waiting for to achieve this very goal. Video marketing offers a variety of analytics which can help you better understand how your business is progressing. As your audience, purpose, goals, and even budget change, you can always check and see what changes are working and which ones aren’t. Video marketing also has the potential to create stronger and more personal relationships with current, and potential, customers. As you begin to implement video marketing more and more, the chances of gaining more business and awareness is a given. It becomes a matter of WHEN it happens, not IF.

Whatever the case, video marketing has a lot of potential for small businesses as well. So don’t cut yourself short! Video marketing has the potential to increase CTR, SEO, and is statistically proven to lead to more purchases and ROI when compared to businesses that are not using some form of video marketing strategy. It may seem intimidating on the surface, but video marketing can be used for small businesses if the patience and dedication is there. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to learn even more about how you can help push your small business to the next level.