Innovative Uses for Video Offline

If your business has already created some videos, chances are you’ve been doing everything you can to market those videos online. You’re sharing them on social media, doing email marketing, and updating your website and SEO. But what about offline?

While we do spend a lot of our time online these days, it’s important to stand out to your audience in the real world too. And what better way to grab their attention than with video? Let’s discuss some of the ways videos can be used offline to increase views and draw in customers.

Office Display


The most obvious and eye-catching way to show off your videos is on a display monitor or television. With a video playing in the background, you can have a meaningful interaction with every prospect who visits while they’re waiting to speak with you or browsing your location. Displays work wonders in your store, showroom or entryway, and at tradeshows, events, exhibitions and conferences. Depending on the environment, you can set your video to play on a loop, without sound, or as a playlist if you’re showing more than one.

QR Code on Business Card

QR Codes

QR codes were ahead of their time when they were introduced, but with today’s technology they’re an invaluable way to easily share links. A QR code allows people to quickly access your video using their smartphone’s camera. They can be added to printed materials like business cards, posters, flyers, mailers, postcards, product packaging, advertisements, signs, decals, and so much more. By incorporating a QR code, you can convey more information through video than you could with text in the same space. They can be added to a window to show visitors the showroom off-hours, to a realtor’s sign to view a tour of the property for sale, or on a product to explain how it’s used.

Video Brochures for business

Video Brochures

A mixture of familiar and cutting-edge technology, a video brochure is a printed brochure that contains an LCD screen that plays your video. This combination of text and video allows your prospects to easily digest the information you’re sharing with them. Video brochures are great as mail-pieces and hand-outs, and can also be used to showcase products in-store or at tradeshows, events, exhibitions and conferences.

No matter the industry, every business can find unique ways to integrate video into their marketing both on- and offline. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination (or budget). Plus, you’ve already invested in video, so why not get the most bang for your buck?

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Video Consultant