Make the 4 C's Work For You

4C's of video marketing

If you’re familiar with the 4 C’s, then you know that building a relationship with your customer is invaluable to your business. Understanding your customer helps steer your business practices in the right direction, but how do you reach your audience in a practical, meaningful way? Video is the most effective medium of communication and can make each of the C’s work for you.

Consumer. Think about what your consumer wants and needs. Are there any questions you are often asked by customers? An FAQ video can answer your most frequently asked questions, helping your customer make the purchasing decision. If your product or service is a bit complex, a Tutorial video can show your customer how it works.

Cost. Focus on the value of what you offer the consumer. What is it about your product or service that makes it worth more to the customer than your competition’s? A Product Demonstration video can showcase the features and benefits of your product, including warranties or guarantees. A Before & After video allows customers to visualize the end result and its effect.

Convenience. Make the purchasing process as easy as you can for the consumer. Show prospects what they can expect when they do business with you with a First Time Experience video. Use Testimonial videos to introduce past customers who had a good experience with your business.

Communication. Open a dialogue between company and consumer. Video offers a myriad of ways to communicate. Meet the Owner, Meet the Team and Showroom videos are all great ways to create a personal connection with prospects, while Email Marketing, Post-Sale Support and Tips videos all offer unique ways to follow-up with past customers.

No matter the type, video will create the connection with your audience that your business needs.


-Your Friendly Neighborhood Video Consultant