Taking Advantage of Video Marketing for Your Business

Although it may seem relatively new, video marketing is becoming a fast growing and overall essential part to any upcoming business marketing strategy. Over the years, 63% of businesses have begun using some form of video marketing and more than 75% of these businesses believe that implementing video marketing is essential in their overall marketing strategy and offers a good ROI. If you take into consideration that vision is one of our most assertive senses, it doesn’t seem all that shocking that video is an effective method of marketing. Now whether you are familiar with video marketing or not, we are here to help give you the information needed to ensure you are aware of why you need to be taking advantage of this amazing opportunity in advertising.

Video Marketing for business

Video Marketing Can Add Personality and Showcase Your Brand

No matter what your business is focused on, video marketing has the capability of showcasing an endless amount of information to your potential buyers. Whether you are trying to explain a product through an Explainer video, offering customers the opportunity to get a firsthand look into your company through Location Tour videos, or summarizing any frequently asked questions, video marketing can help you achieve that goal. You can do customer testimonials to show satisfied customers of your business, you can offer overviews of your trusted employees, or even discuss the history and foundation of your business and what it has been able to achieve since its creation. Video marketing offers you the ability to showcase any part of your business that you want and adds constant personality to what you are trying to achieve and what kind of customers you are trying to reach.

Videos Help Increase Sales and Improve Relationships

Now it should be known that trust is also essential for any business-to-customer relationship and video marketing has been shown to help increase not only a relationship between customers, but overall sales as well. Customers tend to question whether they can trust purchasing products from the internet but using video marketing can help lessen this concern. Not only did 57% of consumers feel that videos gave them more reassurance and confidence in making online purchases but 74% of video consumers ultimately purchased a product after viewing an explainer video as well. This allows for a larger ROI because the videos you release are constantly speaking about your business on your behalf and lead to even more sales. Higher ROI are possible even if you aren’t using any crazy editing software or special equipment. Customers want to know they can trust you and want information and explanations rather than all the fancy bells and whistles of entertainment focused video marketing.

Getting Views on Youtube

Videos Increase Engagement and Retention

Now if customers feel that they are safe when it comes to making purchases online through your business, not only are more trusting and long-lasting relationships created, but more engagement will follow and more of the information you share can be retained. It is a known fact that our visual sense is the most assertive, but what you may not know is that consumers are capable of retaining 80% of the information they see, compared to about 20% of retained information from reading alone. If you are implementing video marketing efficiently consumers are capable of retaining that information more effectively, and can be 10 times more likely to comment and share your information with others. This is beyond important, especially in a time where it is relatively effortless to share media across online platforms such as Facebook, Google, YouTube, or Twitter.

Now all this information may seem overwhelming at first, but we can assure you that the process is easier than it looks, and that help is out there. When it comes down to it, if you want to make sure you are getting a proper ROI, reaching as many potential customers as possible, and creating trusting and long-lasting relationships, your business must have video as a part of its marketing strategy. You can just as easily continue your search for more information, but if you’re looking for a helping hand let us help you take the next step in your marketing journey.


-Your Friendly Neighborhood Video Consultant