The Importance of Implementing Video Marketing into Your Business

As our world has continued to grow and advancement in technology has flourished, video has been one aspect of our world that has never seemed to lose momentum. Every day people are consuming, viewing, following, liking, and sharing video content they see whether they are at home or on the go. What you may not know though, is that a good portion of these videos can be business related content and video has turned into one of the most efficient marketing strategy tools in today’s time. In one year alone, the number of businesses implementing video marketing increased by 81%.

Now you may be thinking you don’t need that kind of marketing tool, or maybe you are even thinking you can’t afford it. The fact of the matter is you can’t afford not to be using video marketing in your business, and the even better news is it doesn’t have to cost millions of dollars like those commercials you see on television! Video marketing done right can be cost effective, and although it takes a little dedication and hard work, it can even be fun and take your business to the next level. Here are some important thoughts to keep in mind to help you make the decision yourself.

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Video Marketing Has the Potential to Reach Everyone, For Free!

Screens are practically everywhere! You see screens on bus stops, on buildings, in waiting rooms, at home, and such a large population of the world has a portable device, whether that be a cell phone or a tablet or an iPod. People every day in all corners of the world are always communicating through online platforms, and one of the highest forms of communication is through videos. In 2017, almost 33% of activity online was spent watching videos, averaging out to around an hour and a half a day per person. Even more interesting is the 15% of those viewers watching an average of over 3 hours of video per day! Videos can be long or short, funny or sad, and they can even educate or entertain. It has the capability of reaching the busiest people in today’s world who are always on the go, and even the lazier ones at home with nothing but time on their hands. No matter who you are trying to reach, or what your purpose is for your business, video marketing has the potential to reach every person you are hoping to reach. Not only that, but your viewers are taking those videos they are watching about your business and sharing it to other potential buyers for you for free. It doesn’t take a million-dollar commercial to get someone interested either. Believe it or not, consumers have admitted that they’d much rather be given important information and answers than see crazy set ups and firework displays. You can even take your videos and upload them to other platforms besides social media. You can implement them into newsletters for your business, blogs you share or write, and even on your own personal business website. After the content has been made, it is yours to place wherever you choose, and it will continue to bring potential buyers and viewers to your business!

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Video Marketing Has Been Shown to Increase Sales and Customer Experience

When you consider the vast amount of people video marketing can reach, another important thing to remember is the fact we are all independent, and if we can get it done ourselves, we probably will. People tend to do their own research on a product or service before making a final decision through reviews, comparison, and of course through video. Now why make a potential customer go through hundreds of reviews when you can just sum up everything in a video. Almost all of the marketers (97%) implementing some form of video marketing for their business agreed that videos helped increase customers understanding of their products. More than 75% of marketers also reported an increase in sales and dwelling time on their website. When the statistics were summed up, marketers saw almost a 50% increase in their revenue, compared to businesses who weren’t implementing video marketing strategies. More importantly though, consumers everywhere have agreed that they would much rather watch a video regarding a product than read about it. Reports show 95% of consumers have admitted to watching some form of explainer video when looking to learn more about a product they were considering for purchase, of which 85% were ultimately convinced to complete their purchase after watching the videos. Those kinds of numbers certainly show how video marketing can increase trust and create a stronger foundation for a relationship between customer and business.

So, you are not alone fellow business owner! You have the capability to use video marketing as much as any other business out there. It can be cost-effective and pay for itself, it reaches a never-ending amount of people, and it can help increase sales and customer relationships. Even out of the 19% of businesses not implementing video marketing, half of those businesses had some plans for future video marketing strategies. You cannot afford to skip out on video marketing for your business either. You’ve already taken the steps to get the information, so keep moving forward. Continue your research and begin implementing a video marketing strategy today for your business. If you’re still struggling to move forward, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We are here to help.