To Caption or Not to Caption

If you've ever watched a movie, television show, or Facebook video, you have been given a choice to use CC, or closed captions, while watching the content. Captioning is the process of supplying a texted transcript that is synchronized with the audio being played from a video and allows the viewer access to both see and hear what is being discussed. Whether you are considering implementing video marketing into your business or have already begun a video marketing strategy, it is essential to understand the advantages that come with using captioning in your content. Keep reading to learn about 5 advantages your business can experience if you start using captions in your videos today!

  1. Avoiding the Legal Problems

Now, this may not come into thought right away, but it is certainly an advantage that should be mentioned. Over the last few decades, society has gained a better understanding of the deaf and hard of hearing community. However, alongside this, better understanding comes with legal expectations and rights for the community as well. Individuals who need more aid when it comes to viewing, hearing, or understanding videos have the same rights as anyone to have access to help. Much like you would hire a translator if needed, disabled individuals require a different form of accessibility. Using captions can help avoid legal problems in the future if an individual from this community were ever to feel like they are missing out on their right to access your content.

  1. Increasing Video Usage

As someone interested in video content, it is essential to acknowledge that there is a continually growing need and usage of video content within businesses. Whether it be through television content, website content, or social media content, more individuals are implementing some form of video into their business. If you are starting your video marketing journey, it may be very likely that your video content is not the best quality. If poor audio and visuals are a part of your early journey, using captions can help ensure that your viewers are still getting the information you want. This advantage alone also creates several other pathways to help improve your business: accessibility for the public, increased SEO, increased watch time, and more customers!

  1. Making It Easier to Watch Videos on the Go

Not only can captions help the deaf and hard of hearing community, but they also create more accessibility for all kinds of other viewers as well. Using captions can help viewers who speak a foreign language or can give people a choice to watch your content on the go. Considering it is a widespread phenomenon for people on the go to use their mobile or tablet devices, it is more than respectful to watch content on silence or on low volume to avoid disturbing others. Using captions prevents any disturbance to the public and ensures that your viewers don't miss a thing.

  1. Increasing SEO

As a business owner, you must know by now how essential SEO is for your business. Using captions supplies a text script version of your video material that makes it easier for search engines like Google to find and report to potential customers. Although search engines like Google are highly advanced, their technology is unable to watch or listen to your video content. Captions give the search engine a way to understand what you are discussing and can help make better connections to what people are searching for and what you are discussing. Using captions increases your SEO and ranking and creates more opportunities for your business to gain more customers.

  1. Creating More Jobs for the Business

Not only can captions help find you more customers, but it can also help open up a job opening position within your business. Captions give someone some responsibility, and you can ensure that this job category is worth the money you spend. Even if you aren't hiring someone within your own business, spending money hiring another professional can also be a decision made that lacks any doubt or concern on whether you are making the right choice.

All in all, captioning your earlier and future videos can only bring a variety of different advantages for you, your business, your clients, and your video marketing journey. Not everyone can watch your videos in the comfort of their home, and at times you may need to discuss some information that could come off confusing or wordy to viewers. Captioning can help remove these problems and helps increase your SEO, bring in more clients, and avoid any legal issues you may experience in the future. Feel free to contact us today to discuss captioning in your videos!