Types of Video for Your Video Marketing Strategy: Awareness

Hopefully when you reach this article you are 100% certain that your business needs to take advantage of video marketing and understand why implementing it into your business is so important. You’ve taken the time to understand your viewers needs and their buyer’s journey, as well as taken the steps needed to create a video marketing strategy. Now sure, you can just make every video out there that’s offered, but are you aware that not all video types work for every purpose your business and viewers may have? If you are looking for a refresher, you can check out our article regarding video for your best buyer, or you can stick around to learn about the vast amount of video types there are that you can use in your marketing strategy for whatever goal or purpose you deem necessary.

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     We here at BVC strive to offer the most information we can give you, so this discussion will be broken up into a 3 series blog so that you can really focus and think about what your next step may be in your video marketing strategy. If you feel lost at all, feel free to contact us so that we may discuss this information with you. Until then, read on!

     It is very important for business owners to understand your consumers wants and needs so we can organize these video types alongside the buyer’s journey: Awareness, Interest, Evaluation, Decision, and Retention. In short, every potential buyer begins their journey searching for information and help with a problem. Through careful research they begin to consider their interest in your services and evaluate everything they’ve obtained up to that point and will continue to do so until they make their final decision to buy your product or not. At this point it is up to you to retain this buyer as a customer and ensure you are continuing to help them solve any other problems they may have. So what kind of video can you use, not only to help your present and future customers, but help them in the way that makes them feel like you are right there beside them during their buyer’s journey?

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     In the first installment of the Types of Video for Your Marketing Strategy series blog, we will be discussing the first stage: Awareness. In this stage, your potential buyer has run into some form of problem in their life and will begin their own research as to how this problem can be solved and if someone out there can help. It is your job to grab their attention and get onto their radar. How can you grab your readers attention? What videos can you offer that show them you are able to help them solve their problem? The following videos are the best to focus on when first starting your video marketing strategy:


  • Educational Video: This kind of video should mention your brand and even specific products you may offer to assist your customers, but the most important thing is that it informs them. Focus on a specific topic and make them feel like they are not alone in the sense that there are others searching for this information as well. It can help increase credibility, show your knowledge on the subject, and continue them on their buyer’s journey. At the awareness stage, information is your greatest weapon and it will keep them looking to you for answers, either through direct contact or while researching your website more.
  • Promo Video: Now you may think offering some sort of deal or promotion right off the bat is a bad move, but this can be the hook needed to draw in your potential buyer and lead them to your website. Perhaps you just released a new product or are currently offering some limited time offer or discount. By using a promo video, you can start showcasing your brand and what you can offer the potential buyer while they are in search for a solution. Promo videos can also raise more awareness for potential buyers and have a higher change of being shared across multiple platforms. I mean, who doesn’t love a good deal right?
  • Brand Video: This kind of video is specifically made to help increase overall awareness of your business. You can show potential buyers what your company is all about, the kind of values you and your employees contain, and what you have to offer. This video should help explain to the potential buyer why they should care and be considering your business as a part of their solution.
  • Video Business Card: This has the same feel as handing someone your business card during your first meeting. The good thing about a video business card is that you can make one for every department if you wish. This discusses who the best person for contact may be; perhaps the person talking in the video is the one they can expect to be working alongside. This can help create trust and allows you to share even more information than what you’d be squeezing onto a card.

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     Now you may be thinking four types of videos isn’t a lot of variety, but you must remember that creating a video marketing strategy takes time, patience, and dedication! As you learn more about the other types of videos out there, you will also learn that video types in one section of the buyer’s journey can still be used in another section if you choose. Right now, it is important you take the time to think and organize how you want to start off your video marketing journey. Really think about these video types and consider the information you want to share. What do you find interesting about your brand that you really think needs to be discussed? What is the first impression you want your customers to have when they view your videos for awareness? The more questions you can answer regarding your goal, purpose, plan, and topics, the more successful your video marketing experience will be, and so will the experience for your customers as well.

     If you want to discuss any of the above video types in more detail, or have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us directly. Maybe you need help clarifying ideas, choosing your first video, or just want to chat with an actual person about what you just learned. Either way, we are here to help. If you enjoyed what you learned today, why not give it a share on your social media so that your peers can get this information too? Otherwise, stay tuned for the second installment of our Types of Videos blog!