Types of Video for Your Video Marketing Strategy: Decision and Retention

It’s that time again! The 3rd and final installment of our Types of Video for Your Video Marketing Strategy is here. Now, we strive for all of our readers to have the knowledge needed not only to understand video marketing and all it has to offer, but so that they can help aid in their own journey and discuss this information with their own clients if needed. Feel free to recap on some of what we already discussed on the awareness stage and interest and evaluation stage of the buyer’s journey regarding types of video. Otherwise, keep reading to learn more about how different types of video can help your customers at the final stage: Decision and Retention.

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Your potential buyer has become aware of their problem, spent time looking for answers, and now they are looking at you for those answers. This is the final obstacle before your potential buyer makes that final purchase and offering some extra information on products or personal facts about you or your business can help seal the deal. It is important not to only focus on just getting a potential buyer to make a purchase though. Make sure you offer videos and other media to help retain your customers attention so that they can come back to you if they have more problems or questions. The following videos can help in this stage:


  • New Projects Video: This has the foundation of an explainer video, but it is intended to have a more defined and specific purpose for new products and services your business releases in the future, or perhaps are currently working on. This gives buyer’s a chance to get an idea of what is to come and can help improve your personal relationship by letting them feel like they are getting some behind-the-scenes information. Discuss how the product or service was created, a possible release date, or even manufacturing information or bloopers. When your product or service is eventually released, your buyers are more prepared and can feel more secure as they search for more information and ultimately purchase your product. This should be informative but entertaining as well.
  • FAQ Video: Even as a business owner you go out of your way to ask questions and search for answers. Looking into video marketing and reading this article for more information is a perfect example of this. Buyers may want to contact someone for answers about products, services, buyers process, returns, or even shipping length or completion dates. Creating a Frequently Asked Questions video makes it easier for your audience to find the answers they are looking for and not have to spend extra time scrolling through questions that may not apply to them. Using a video helps give them that extra information, but also answers their specific question as well. This has the potential to build up relationships with your audience and show them that not only are you listening, but you are working towards answering any questions or concerns they may have.
  • Video Slideshow: This kind of video is what it sounds like. Images of your choice are taken and put into a video format. At a given interval of time one image will switch to another, and a voiceover of whatever information you believe fits best with the images you want to show is played. This kind of video is almost like a “best of both worlds” approach because your audience still gets a visual idea of what it is you are discussing but doesn’t have to take extra time reading through that information either. To avoid any confusion or loss of focus, make sure that the images you choose have a specific topic/idea/purpose that you want to get across and ensure that your script for the voiceover compliments that topic.
  • Testimonials Video: A testimonial video can help offer some more credibility for your business and improve future or present relationships with your clients as well. You can choose to have customers offer a testimonial of their experience working with you, or even conduct a testimonial from employees who can give some further insight into what they feel about the business and what role they play. For testimonial videos it is wise to have a set list of questions that you can ask so that viewers know what information is being discussed at a given time. Perhaps discuss any concerns they may have had when purchasing a product, what the results were after purchasing, what they liked the most and least about the purchase, and any expected or unexpected benefits from their overall decisions to buy a product. Now you may think it’s odd to ask someone what they didn’t like about a product or experience, but it is important to show that you are not biased in your business. You allow customers and other individuals to speak freely of their feelings and can ensure that you will always strive to fix those problems in the future to the best of your ability.

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  • Product Review: This kind of video is a very specific kind of video in that it reviews a single product or service that your business has offered. This can follow a similar setup to a testimonial video or a FAQ video in the sense that you are telling the viewer information that a variety of people tend to be searching for. How can it help a future customer? How has it helped present customers? How is it made? How is it sold or shipped to the customer? Were there any issues that the product had, and were these issues fixed or updated? This kind of video can be made for every product you have, or even just the more popular ones. It is important to keep the topic of the video focused on the product that is being discussed. Do not try to sell the product in this video but offer as much information as you can. Reassure your customer.
  • Event (Announcement) Video: This type of video is what some may call a company culture video. This offers a more personal and in-depth experience for the customer once they’ve began a relationship with you. This can help make them feel involved and updated on what is going on. What is it like to work in your business? Do you celebrate holidays? Special events you have every year?

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Now ladies and gentlemen we have reached the end! You have already taken the steps needed to learn more about video marketing, understanding the advantages it has for you, and now you have the knowledge needed to help make videos for a particular purpose. Your audience are all unique individuals, as are your goals for your business. Creating the right type of video for your video marketing strategy is essential to ensuring that you are getting everything you need out of your marketing journey, and that your audience, future customers, and present customers are getting what they need as well!

We at BVC are here to help if you feel you need to discuss anything you’ve learned over the last few weeks. Whether that be discussing help with your strategy, with some more statistics or facts, or maybe you’re ready to work with us and start getting some videos made! Regardless, keep up the work on your mission to get a video marketing strategy for your business! Feel free to share this to your peers as well. Until next time!