Types of Video for Your Video Marketing Strategy: Interest and Evaluation

The wait is over! It is time for the 2nd installment of the Types of Video for Your Video Marketing Strategy blog! Now, knowledge is power and when it comes to something as serious as your business and your customers, you can never have enough information. Feel free to get a quick refresher on the awareness stage of the buyer’s journey and what video types you can start off with, as well as any other information you may want to keep handy while you consider the following video types for the next stage of the buyer’s journey: Interest and Evaluation.

Customer Interest

At this stage, the potential buyer has already noticed your business as an option. You managed to gain their attention and now they are looking at you for more answers. It is your job at this time to reassure them that they are making the right choice and that you are capable and willing to offer whatever help they may need. Focus on giving them a more in depth look at your business for reassurance, your products, and more of the knowledge and abilities you have. This is a good time for relationships to begin to grow and as the potential customer continues their search, it is important to make them feel welcome.

Creating certain videos may give them the sensation of already knowing you and the process of working with you when the time finally comes to make their purchase. Using the following videos can help keep interest and assist customers in their evaluation of what you have to offer.

customer interest to action


  • Explainer Video: An explainer video is like an educational video in the sense that it should help teach your audience useful information that they are searching for; perhaps something that might not normally be accessible to them. Show not just your authority and expertise in the field of your business but help show the experience and knowledge you have within your products as well. You could explain your brand in more detail, your products and services, or even discuss some basic statistics or facts that may be useful to your audience.
  • Business Location Tour Video: A business location tour video can help increase the relationship you are trying to have with a potential customer by giving them an inside look into your headquarters. Now this can be achieved by offering a focused area video tour or even an overall office walkthrough tour. You can showcase areas like your office space, your retail space, testing and research areas, distribution areas, and any other areas of your business that you would like to share. This can help show how you manufacture certain goods and even help clarify some aspects of why your business is the best fit for them, whether that be because of cost effectiveness, time management, dedication, or any other reasons why you believe they should choose you over another competitor. Perhaps you are just happy to offer them the information and assistance. The decision to share information is up to you and can have endless possibilities.
  • First-Time Customer Experience Video: Now we all know trust is one of the most important things in a business owner-customer relationship. One way to gain this trust from a potential customer, and simultaneously help relieve any worries or fears they have, is to use a first-time customer experience video. This kind of video helps show your customers a clear visual of what they can expect if they were to purchase your product or services. If a potential customer is already interested and evaluating your business even further before making their final decision, this type of video can offer reassurance in a variety of ways. It can even be broken up into multiple videos that go more in depth for each individual step, rather than summarize the entire experience in one video alone.
  • Staff Spotlight (Employee) Video: Showing your customers who is working behind the products they purchase is one more way to create a relationship from the get-go and continue to reassure and gain trust from the customer as well. Using a staff spotlight video can help showcase the employees within your business that are striving to meet the customers’ needs and help them resolve their problem. It is also an opportunity to show the individuality, uniqueness, and personality of your business and the members you have entrusted to work alongside you.
  • Showroom Tour (360) Video: This type of video is like the business location tour, but it is more focused into an individual part of your business. This gives the customer the feeling of being right in the middle of the room alongside you and your employees. This can help reduce fears, gain trust, and prepare the customer even more when they decide to purchase any products or services. This kind of video is also very popular on social media and can take your marketing strategy even further.
  • Company Overview (Achievements) Video: Using a company overview video gives you the opportunity to reassure the customers that you are a professional. Rather than promote your brand, give customers the honesty and straightforwardness they are looking for. Within this video, you can explain what it is your business is focused on. What is your purpose? Your goal? Perhaps even offer more detail to any mission statements you have shown. You can even discuss any rewards/accomplishments/achievements your business has reached since its creation. This tells the customer what you are all about and helps reassure them that you are knowledgeable and skilled within your line of work.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Video: Using a behind-the-scenes video offers an insight on how your business and its employees handle steps in the buying process. It can also help show behind-the-scene events that go on within your business amongst you and other employees. What is the behind-the-scenes process once an employee gets that first contact from a customer? How does your business make its products? Is there a quality check part of your business? This type of video has an almost “How It’s Made” feel and really shows the customers what it is you’re doing, how it’s getting done, and how it will reach them when it is done. If you have already begun implementing video marketing into your business, you can even offer some behind-the-scene footage of any bloopers or images you have from previous video marketing shoots or company events or holidays.
  • Interview: An interview video is a more professional and serious video. Although it can have an entertaining factor, the focus of this type of video is to showcase your credibility and inform the customer that you know what you are doing. The best results can be found interviewing other professionals in the business who have had some personal experience with you and can vouch for your business and its authenticity. It is important to find an unbiased individual who can answers a few questions about what it is you are doing, and if it is being done right. Future benefits can result if you the person you interviewed shares this video as well, helping create more awareness and increase traffic for your business

Evaluating your video strategy

Now this is a lot more information than what was offered in the 1st installment of this series blog. So take some more time to consider what you’ve just learned today. You have a variety of options when it comes to the type of video you will make for your business and what purpose that video will serve.

As mentioned in the 1st blog, some of the video types listed above can be created for awareness as well. Maybe the first-time customer experience video is something you think would be better placed in the awareness part of the buyer’s journey, or maybe you think it is better to discuss your credentials/awards at the awareness stage. All these decisions will vary on you, your video marketing strategy, and how you organize the videos you create on your website and other platforms.

If you need some help discussing what you learned today or you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us anytime. While you’re contemplating the information, why not give the blog a share so that your peers can learn something as well! Otherwise, be on the lookout for the 3rd and final installment of the Types of Video for your Video Marketing Strategy blog.