For small businesses, managing your advertising budget can be a nerve-wracking experience. The available options for advertising have changed radically in the last handful of years, and many small business owners have been left scratching their heads at how to market their business in the current advertising climate. Internet video allows small businesses to create new and exciting video content that won’t break the bank.

Small businesses have always thrived on the personal relationship between business and customer. Video content is a way to create that personal connection. Video is 53 times more likely than text pages to appear on the first page of a search engine per the Forrester Research Group. In addition, Ogilvy Consulting has stated that adding video to e-mail marketing has been shown to increase customer engagements at every level from opening to content interaction to sales conversions.

Video can seem like an unpredictable beast of an advertising medium, but it can be tamed if you keep a few simple factors in mind:

-Current data shows that most viewers will either watch, or scroll past your video in the first 10 seconds. A dynamic introduction can catch eyes and draw viewers to your video, but you still don’t want to make your overly long. Between 1 and 2 minutes is ideal for most viewers.

-Including a call to action in your video is the difference between someone watching your video and converting that viewer to a customer. An exclusive offer, a limited time deal, a small gift, or even offering free information can all drive traffic to your website and your business.

-Include links to your website and your other videos at the end of your video. Some customers are going to want more than just the initial video. If you are prepared to serve these customers more videos or more information about your business, they are more likely to feel well-informed enough to make a purchase from you.

-Share. Share. Share! If your business has a social media presence, share your video content on every outlet available to you. Shared content is gold when it comes to search engine optimization and the higher your content ranks in search results, the more eyes that will see your business.

Your advertising should reflect the love you have for your business. A proper internet video can share that message with consumers and create the personal connection that small business customers are looking for. Simply decide on what you want to tell the world about your business, create your video message, and start taking advantage of a new stream of happy, well-informed customers that are interested in your business.