• Welcome/ Company Overview Videos

Introduce viewers to your company by showcasing your products, services and how you can help make their life better. By putting a face and visuals to your business, you set yourself apart from those who are content being just another line of text in search results.
  • Showroom/ Facility Tours

Show potential clients the facility or retail space that you're so proud of by making a video tour. Introduce the capabilities and equipment of your location or help your first-time customers feel like they're already regulars by displaying your showroom or facility to the world!
  • Video Business Cards

Introduce yourself and your business to potential clients. By showcasing your personality, you'll set yourself apart from your competition while appearing professional and trustworthy. Perfect for sales teams and organizations that rely heavily on email or face to face marketing.
  • 1st Time Customer Experience

With this type of video you can reduce fears and concerns while saving time by answering many important questions on what to expect as a first time customer. Visually walk your clients through the steps required by your unique services all at the click of a button.


  • How-To Videos

Show your customers how to assemble, maintain, and enjoy your products. You can also share the process of your service and how your business improves your clients' lives.


  • Interviews

Inviting a local expert or an employee to an interview-style video where they can answer questions about your business can give you the credibility you need to crystalize potential clients into real-life sales.
  • Explainer Videos

The more information you can provide, the more comfortable customers feel trusting you with their patronage. Explainer videos can cast you as an authority in your field and show people your experience and depth of knowledge.


  • Customer Testimonials

The best way to find new customers is to show how happy your current customers are with your work. A visual endorsement has much more impact than a 5-star rating on a text based customer-feedback site.


  • Video Slideshows

Simple, fast, and robust, the video slideshow is a short clip of still photos of your business, your employees, your products, and anything else you may want to share, set to a voiceover with information about your business.
  • Presentations

Gone are the slideshow presentations of the 1990s and 2000s. Video is the new wave for presentations. Whether it's sales, marketing, the announcement of new projects, or proposals for future expansion, a video presentation is the best way to show people the information you need them to see.
  • Staff Spotlight Videos

Highlight the backbone of your business by showcasing your employees. Tell your audience about the dynamic individuals you've chosen to serve their needs, and let your staff speak directly to customers in a unique, professional way.

These are just some of the video types BVC offers to improve communication, Contact Us Today for even more options!

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